The Team

featuring Our talented worker bees

Adriana Tejeda

Owner / CEO

The one that started it all. Adriana’s background in business and sales spans over a decade. After working for multiple businesses implementing marketing plans and exceeding sales goals she decided to make a run at starting her own business dedicated to serving those who serve others. The name Brilliant Elevation references her idea that smart marketing can elevate a business. It came to her during the development process and the idea that a successful business is a hive of people that work together toward a common goal led to the creation of the bee logo and the acronym “BEA” or Brilliant Elevation Agency. Adriana enjoys being involved in the community and doing charity work, giving to those in need. A wife to a fantastic husband and mother to two epic kids, in her spare time she likes cooking, racing cars, drinking tea and working.

Payton Standfill

Marketing Director

Recently relocating to the Seattle Metro area Payton comes from a background in powersports and restaurant marketing. With a decade of experience in digital marketing, web design, print and media strategy Payton is excited to be a part of the Brilliant Elevation team! In his spare time he moonlights as a professional DJ rocking the clubs on weekends in the Winter and weddings in the Summer months. When he’s not working he’s trying to plan his next vacation “Chillin’ ” at home as he says, or on the hunt for the next unique craft beer!

Alexis Duong

Sr. Copywriter & Miracle Worker

Alexis Duong is Brilliant Elevation’s marketing assistant and all around marketing guru. With a background in Business Administration Alexis tackles the day to day tasks of copywriting for client blogs, websites and print materials on top of print design. In her spare time she likes reading, tennis and volleyball! A self proclaimed foody she’s been eating her way through King County trying new locations and giving her coworkers tips on new places to try! 

Melissa Quinlan

Client Relations Director

Meet Melissa! Our Client Relations Director Melissa comes from a background in medical. Communicating with insurance companies advocating for patients rights in her previous position Melissa’s big personality and bigger heart show through in everything she does making her the perfect fit for our client relations. Your point of contact throughout the entire process Melissa goes above and beyond to make sure any concerns are addressed and you have peace of mind.  In her spare time Melissa loves to adventure in the wild and the city or go for long drives. With a passion for European cars, she loves to go to car club meets and spend time with her family. 

Amelia Fernandez

CSR Supervisor & Office Guru

Well versed in all things office Amelia is our #1 point of contact for Brilliant Elevation and our CSR services department. With a smile as friendly as her voice Amelia helps field customer concerns and books appoints for Brilliant Elevation clients on top of our client’s clients. Can we say client anymore? An art fan, she’s well traveled having been to a number countries, however the Louvre in Paris is still her favorite. When she has spare time she spends it with her family or catching up on the newest anime. Fun fact, other than Payton, she’s the only other employee with constantly evolving hair!