The Team

featuring Our talented worker bees

Adriana Tejeda

Owner / CEO

The one that started it all. Adriana’s background in business and sales spans over a decade. After working for multiple businesses implementing marketing plans and exceeding sale goals, she decided to make a run at starting her own business dedicated to serving those who serve others. The name Brilliant Elevation references her idea that smart (and brilliant) marketing can elevate a business. It came to her during the development process and the idea that a successful business is a hive of people that work together toward a common goal. This led to the creation of the bee logo and the acronym “BEA”, or Brilliant Elevation Agency. Adriana enjoys being involved in her community and doing charity work, giving to those in need. A wife to a fantastic husband and mother to two epic kids, she likes cooking, racing cars, drinking tea and working in her spare time.

Alexis Duong

Marketing Director

Alexis is Brilliant Elevation’s Marketing Director and all around marketing guru. With a BA in Business Administration – Marketing from the University of Washington Bothell, Alexis tackles the day to day tasks of managing all of Brilliant Elevation’s departments, as well as contributing to website development and copy write/graphic design elements for clients. As one of the first employees at Brilliant Elevation, she has watched the agency grow while also growing alongside it. She is a passionate and dedicated individual who has worked from the ground up! In her spare time, she likes reading, catching up on shows, and doing some important retail therapy! Also a self proclaimed foodie, she’s been eating her way through the PNW trying  out new locations and giving her coworkers tips on new places to try.

Meghan Howard

Creative Brand Director

Meghan is our Creative Brand Director and brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our team. Her role encompasses brand strategy, social media content creation and management, brand building, logo development, client relations, customer care representation, and sales, showcasing her diverse skills in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies to drive brand growth and ensure customer satisfaction. Outside of work, Meghan enjoys indulging in her passions for tennis, reading, fashion, traveling, and exploring new foods. With her passion for narrative creation and a wide range of interests, Meghan’s skills have become an integral asset to our company.

Caleb Wootton

Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet Caleb, our talented Digital Marketing Specialist. With a passion for web design, social media advertising, graphic design, and SEO, Caleb brings a diverse skill set to our team. His expertise extends beyond technical abilities, as he excels in client relations and marketing strategy and planning. Caleb’s deep understanding of search engine optimization ensures your brand receives the visibility it deserves. When he’s not crafting compelling marketing campaigns, you can find Caleb enjoying some pinball and board games with friends, and is always up for a friendly challenge. With Caleb’s expertise and passion, your digital marketing efforts are in capable hands.

Marisol Avila

Marketing Assistant

Marisol is Brilliant Elevation’s Marketing Assistant. She proudly graduated with a BA in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing, and a Professional Sales Certificate from the Foster School of Business. She brings a whirlwind of creativity and innovation to the table. Helping to create captivating campaigns, analyze market trends, and appealing content, Marisol truly elevates our agency! When the workday winds down Marisol loves to bake, journal and spend time with her family and friends.