Google LSA Explained

Written By Alexis Duong


Are you a trade? Providing a service to your local area? Instead of running Google Ads, you very well may benefit from Google Local Services ads.

Let’s Talk Google Local Services

As a business owner you have probably have heard of Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). You’ve probably heard other business owners who have said that Google Ads can be spendy. Well, they’re not wrong, but they’re not right either. Google Ads have their place in the world of digital advertising, and when done right the long term benefits can really outweigh the costs.


So why even consider Google Local Services ads?


1. They’re Straightforward

Once your business is verified (more on that later) you can take each service you provide and set the budget for that service. Basically, how much you want to pay for each lead. Then, set your final budget and those calls you pay for (ALSO MORE ON THAT LATER) will start coming in! Higher the budget, the more the calls. Like we said, pretty straightforward. 

2. Credibility

Who doesn’t love credibility? So here’s the thing, every single business that wants to run Local Services Ads means has to be verified. That means background checks on all employees for the business, license checks for whatever services you’re providing and insurance checks to make sure that you’re credible and covered. Once all of this is passed (it’s a process….trust us..) you will receive the “Google Guaranteed” green check mark of approval and be on your way to running ads in no time!

3. Qualified Leads

Arguably the best thing about Google Local Services ads is the ability for it to generate what Google calls “Qualified Leads”. These leads that come through Google guarantees to be qualified. Why? Because YOU’RE PAYING FOR THEM! These leads generated are calls to your business. Now here’s the best part… If those leads are not qualified, they can then be disputed and you will then receive your money back from that lead that was generated that you paid for. Awesome right? We thought so too. 


Okay Brilliant Elevation, thanks for the overview, so why do you we need you?


Good question fellow business owner! As easy as Local Services ads are to run getting there can be an arduous process. Background checks can take longer times to process as well as occasional license hiccups. The Brilliant Elevation team follows up with Google every step of the way so you don’t have to. You can also take comfort in knowing that we’ll review those unqualified calls to make sure you get your hard earned money back! We’ll manage your reviews and follow up with your customer base to gather more of them for you. On top of that we’ll be with you every step of the way for budget adjustments to make sure we’re maximizing your conversions. Interested in setting up Local Services Ads for your business? Let’s get started! Or bundle it with our Community Management package and save while having all your bases covered