Web Services

Getting you online and up to speed

Design and Content

Stock photos? That’s a nope! We’ll work with your team to generate the highest quality original content for your website. We include a photoshoot with each of our builds and ongoing content support. You’re probably thinking, “What if they’ve never worked in this industry”no problem! We do our research and learn from our client partners about their specific business so we can focus our work on your industry and, specifically, your business.


The Build Process

After the research and design phases, we get to building. 99% of our sites are built on the WordPress platform and those sites are built to the most current standards. We’ll ensure your site is secure using trusted SSL Certificates, make it responsive for tablet and mobile platforms, and guarantee accessibility to all your clients adhering to ADA standards. Above all, we make sure that all copy is SEO focused and the backend SEO is implemented properly to get your name in front of your target market.  


Metrics and Monitoring

Everyone loves metrics, including us! So don’t worry! We make sure that your site has all the analytics you need to make sure it’s performing up to par. Have a goal in mind above and beyond site visits (we know most of of you do)? We’ll set up the tags necessary in order to track that too. Beyond that, we audit all our client partners’ sites daily in order to make sure that they’re running efficiently and swiftly. If your site goes down, our IT department will have it backed up and running in no time. 

Dialed development

What are your goals? Do you have something specific in mind? Where do you see your business going in 1 year? What about 5 years? These are just some of the questions we ask our clients in our meetings. No pressure though! We’re friendly, we promise! During this initial meeting, it’s our goal to get down to the nitty gritty details so not only are we on the same page, but we can come up with a plan that suits you. 

We go beyond just the “physical” development of your site. Most importantly, we take a deep dive analysis of your local competition market and figure out your main competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll analyze competitors’ SEO, web presence and site scores to see exactly where they fall, and by doing so, we can put you in the position to excel. 

Still need convincing?

Look at some sites we’ve developed for clients below. 

Phase NW

Phase NW initially started developing their website in house before contacting the BEA team and had things on a roll until the COVID crisis hit. They needed results, and fast. So we overhauled their site. Combined with our Google Ads,  their LSA services and social media management saw an uptick in site visit and calls.

The ROlls COnnection

The Rolls Connection has been a word of mouth business for over 30 years.  Between word of mouth and dealer referrals they were performing normally, but wanted to drive into the digital era with more purpose. Using  the WordPress platform, we developed their new website according to their goals and showcasing credibility with their beautifully restored luxury cars. Using original content  and SEO focused copy, we provided them with a gorgeous website that fits their needs.

VelDyke Realty

Veldyke Realty has been a pillar of the King County community for over 40 years. Another local business focused on serving others, we were contacted to build her website and do the photoshoots for their new listings. Getting their feet wet in the digital era with our drone technology was as exciting for her as it was for us! One of the few realtors who is also a broker she didn’t need (or want) access to the cookie cutter websites that most corporate businesses provide.